Waiting Families

Trinidad & Leila

We're from Louisiana, We're open to visits!

Hey! We are from Louisiana and are so glad you are viewing our profile! We are a Catholic family of 3 that enjoys living life by seeing new places and meeting new people. We live in a family-friendly neighborhood full of young children and are excited to share our lives with you and your child. We are open to visits!


I'm from Oregon, I'm open to visits!

Hello from Oregon! My son and I are a happy, multi-racial family excited to provide your child with unconditional love, a life full of faith, laughter and with the never-ending opportunity to become the best person they can be. I am open to whatever type of contact you wish for in the future.

Chris & Casey

We're from New Mexico, We're open to visits!

Hi from New Mexico! We’re thrilled to grow our family through adoption! We offer a Christian home where family is priority. We’re excited to meet you, get to know you, & are open to sharing contact.

Nathan & Leslie

We're from Illinois, We're open to visits!

Hello from Central Illinois! We are a fun, active family of three that enjoys playing board games, spending time together and traveling. We have a dog and a very supportive family that live nearby.  We are excited to expand our family through the beauty of adoption and keep in touch with you through letters, pictures, and visits if you would like.

Cody & Ashley

We're from Colorado, We're open to visits!

We are a grounded but adventurous couple looking forward to expanding our close-knit family through adoption. We are excited to share our shared passions for fishing, hiking, boating, traveling, and caring for animals with your child. Our promise to you is to raise your child to be their best self through encouragement, compassion and, most of all, love.

Andy & Jeanna

We're from Idaho, We're open to visits!

We’ve loved each other for 12 years and know in our hearts we’ve been called to build a family through adoption. We are so excited to include your child in our adventures of traveling, fishing and family traditions! With our flexible schedules, we also welcome the daily routine where we’ll have the ability to spend quality time as a family. We are open to letters, pictures, and visits!

Brandon & Emily

We're from Georgia, We're open to visits!

We are so excited to become first-time parents! We hope that you can see the love we have for each other and our family through our profile. Our families are all very excited to share our traditions with a little one. We are open to Letters, pictures, and visits!

Michael & Melissa

We're from Florida, We're open to visits!

We are a silly, deep, and loving family of four from Florida. God is at the core of who we are and what we do. We love being outside, having family dinners, and reading. We would love to adopt a child of any race and are open to visits!

Jonathan & Ashley

We're from Tennessee, We're open to visits!

Hello from Tennessee! We are a fun and loving couple who enjoys spending time outdoors and a great weekend adventure. We value education and spending quality time together. We are excited to become first time parents through adoption and look forward to sharing pictures, letters and visits with you!